Best of the Web Offers Free Sponsorships


Online directory Best of the Web (BOTW)—which bills itself as “the Internet’s oldest directory”, having listed categorized and human-evaluated Web pages since 1994–is offering free sponsorships for 60 days within their directory categories. Ads are displayed at the top of the directory category, alongside BOTW search results, and within the BOTW blog directory.

“Best of the Web is a trusted online authority that gives advertisers intimate access to the very kind of potential clientele they are trying to reach,” said BOTW CEO Brian Prince in a statement. “Unlike many directories, Best of the Web is human-edited and focused on quality. The users who rely on our services trust in the meaningful guidance that we provide. They take seriously the results that a Best of the Web search generates right down to the links to the advertisers who sponsor the category in which they are searching.”

BOTW contains several thousand different categories. Each category can be sponsored by up to three advertisers. Ads must be relevant to the category in which they appear, and after the 60-day free trial, advertisers will revert to BOTW’s standard monthly fee.


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