Answerbag Releases Video Solution

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Answerbag, the first social question and answer Website in the US, is bringing images to online searches with its newest feature “Video Answers.” Videos captured by video cameras, digital cameras, and cell phones, and fed to Answerbag via YouTube and other video providers, will enable a wide variety of experts and handy or entertaining people to impart their knowledge to others.

“The explosion of video usage on the Web has demonstrated not only our enduring appetite for images, but also our interest in the rich and complex information images contain,” stated George Lichter, CEO of Answerbag’s parent company InfoSearch Media. He explained that, “The limitations of algorithmic search have focused Web activity on text, but Video Answers leverages the capacity of human intelligence to interpret images, going beyond what machine search can do.”

Video Answers also relies on the fact that many answers are best clarified through showing rather than telling. “Answerbag now allows people to provide better explanations to both questions that are hard to answer with only text and questions where the answer itself is a video. We are offering another innovative way for people to help each other by answering questions and sharing knowledge,” Lichter added.

Answerbag founder and Infosearch VP of product marketing, Joel Downs, emphasized that the addition of video to the site’s social Q&A improves the quality, helpfulness, and depth of answers that the Answerbag community seeks.

In conjunction with the launch of Video Answers, Answerbag is conducting an online contest that urges users to post relevant and useful video answers to questions posted on the site. The videos will then be judged based on success in answering the question and the value