24/7 Real Media Releases Open AdStream 6 Network Edition


24/7 Real Media today announced the release of Open AdStream 6 Network Edition, an integrated ad management technology designed to meet the ever-changing needs of online ad networks. Specifically, Open AdStream 6 addresses the needs of vertical and specialized online ad networks.

“The ability for an online network to grow and be profitable has been hampered by the fact that nearly half of its operational costs go towards hiring personnel to manage their publisher relationships. Each site that joins a network increases these costs, which impedes growth and reduces profitability,” said Ali C. Mirian, Open AdStream 6 Product Manager, 24/7 Real Media, in a statement. “Streamlining and automating an ad network’s back-end processes enables them to deliver greater customer service with fewer resources and focus more energy on growth and increasing revenue. With Open AdStream 6 Network Edition, we’re extending the same benefits we receive to other ad networks.”

Open AdStream 6 Network Edition launches with the hopes of providing networks and their affiliates greater transparency into operational details and greater control over ad content. Networks now have “self-service” user interface capabilities, whereby affiliate publishers can monitor campaigns and creatives on the network in real time, accept or decline scheduled advertising, and include or exclude certain advertisers.

Additionally, the self-service tool is intended to give networks and publishers greater financial transparency by providing users more ease in tracking settlement and fulfillment, as well as monitoring and producing reports on their revenue share or CPM relationships.

Deepak Srinivasan, Vice President of Product Management at 24/7 Real Media, adds, “By making available to online ad networks the same technologies that help 24/7 Real Media manage its own network, 24/7 Real Media is one step closer to realizing its vision of creating a seamless marketplace that will promote greater interoperability among advertisers and publishers, agencies and ad networks, and technology providers.”


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