Yahoo Channels Telemundo


Hispanic TV network Telemundo, owned by NBC Universal, announced today that it has joined forces with Yahoo to combine their Spanish-language websites into a single property called Yahoo! Telemundo. The new site will include Yahoo’s existing Spanish-language site, Yahoo! en Español, as well as, effectively aligning Yahoo services with Telemundo content.

Today, visitors to either site will see the new Yahoo! Telemundo brand. The websites will be combined in stages, eventually resulting in a single site, one that Yahoo and Telemundo hope will help advertisers reach a greater Hispanic audience. In addition to content, Yahoo en Español and will share the ad revenue, and merge their employees.

“By combining the services Yahoo! is known and loved for with Telemundo’s content, we will provide the most comprehensive experience for U.S. Hispanic consumers and extend both companies’ strong position in U.S. Hispanic media,” said Yahoo! global sales VP Greg Coleman in a statement. Together, Yahoo! en Español and represent more than 11.5 million U.S. Hispanic visitors, according to comScore. The partnership with Yahoo is part of Telemundo’s greater strategy to reach the Hispanic audience with its original video content through multiple channels. Yahoo! Telemundo will also offer content targeted at 2nd and 3rd generation Hispanics, and will include bilingual and English sections in addition to the Spanish-language one.


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