WebTrafficConnection Enhances Webpage System


Programming pioneer Rick Stout’s WebTrafficConnection announced yesterday that it is adding enhancements to its webpage only thirty days into launch. This optimized webpage system helps customers drive traffic to their online businesses and make their businesses visible on Google, Yahoo!, and MSN search engines.

“We came here with the intention of staying in business as long as there is an Internet,” Rick Stout said in a press statement. Butch Hamilton, SEO specialist at WebTrafficConnection, also commented in the release, “the program literally is taking shape before my eyes. I knew that this was going to be an awesome system to be involved with, but I had no idea to these proportions.”

The system now includes a free-page optimized webpage building system, a state of the art links exchange program, cash bonuses at the end of each month for the top affiliates and prizes included a laptop or desktop computer for introducing thirty five people to the program make WebTrafficConnection the hottest program on the Internet. The system also includes the latest version of DeskView, which is an innovative communications device included at no additional cost.


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