Gives Search a Makeover


Perfect Market Technologies, Inc. is looking to change the face of search engine interface with its new, which launched today. According to the Snap release, the search engine is the first to offer users fully-interactive web page previews within its site, a cost-per-action solution for advertisers, and seamless integration of paid and organic search results. is visually unique from other search engines because it presents two columns: familiar text listings on the left and up-to-date visual previews of each site in a window on the right. In addition to viewing the entire front page of the site, Microsoft Internet Explorer users may click on the right window to automatically interact with its content without ever leaving the search interface.

Perfect Market Technologies is proud to offer advertisers what it claims to be the first search engine with cost-per-action placement. advertisers only pay when a customer completes a transaction on their site, rather than just browsing through content and returning to the search engine. One of the immediately apparent advantages of this model is that it will drastically cut down on the problem of click fraud.

Another distinctive aspect of the site is its simultaneous return of paid and organic listings. By utilizing data on previous user behavior, conversion ratings, text analysis, and link analysis, decides which sponsors would be the most relevant for a user as they search. Paid results are only differentiated by a “Sponsored Listing” tag. is running a “The Other Way To Launch” promotional contest through June 9th, in which users can submit ideas for the site’s startup marketing/advertising campaign on for a chance to win $5,000.


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