SEMPhonic Hosts SEM Agency Tour


SEM analytics company and consultancy SEMphonic will be holding a Search Engine Marketing Agency Tour in June in San Francisco. The three day event runs from June 5th through June 7th, and will examine the role that web analytics plays in search engine marketing, and how it can help companies better target their PPC and SEO campaigns. Topics include SEM analytics, SEO usability, landing pages, and lead conversion tracking. The tour is aimed at both interactive and traditional agencies.

SEMphonic has been in the SEM business for 9 years, and their SEM tools and advice are used by companies like AOL, Charles Schwab, and WebMD. SEMphonic president, CTO, and co-founder Gary Angel will lead the tour. He’s responsible for the development of SEMphonic’s SEM tools like campaign management tool CampaignTracker, which lets agencies compare the performance of their PPC and SEO campaigns.

“The Tour offers a great opportunity for search engine marketing professionals to learn how to use web analytics to support search engine marketing,” said Bob Heyman, chief search officer of Mediasmith, one of SEMphonic’s clients in a statement.


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