Selling Through the Speaker Box: How Marketers Can Better Tune into Online Radio


Researching and finding the stations to advertise on is fairly simple. Figure out your demographic first. Say your advertiser is WebServices 4 All and this company only wants to attract local business. Then, you’d Google local radio stations in Pittsburgh and visit their sites. If they have a streaming audio button or “listen now” button, then jackpot! If not, still call them and ask, they may have it in the works but are just not publicizing it yet.

I spoke with a few radio reps this past week and found that advertising on their audio streaming is quite cheap. We’re talking between $3 and $5 a spot…how can you pass that up? If you can’t come up with verbiage for the spot, they can help you. Also, make sure to ask if they have the technology to show a banner ad when your spot plays. Some stations can, others can not. For the stations that can do this, it’s a bonus for you as a buyer. This ensures that the listener will have to struggle for a pen and paper or rely on their memory; the banner will show until the next spot plays.

Also check out news channels. For example, KDKA is a local news station in my area, they also have streaming audio, and the price is right. I went right back to a client and told them all about it and figured pricing for them for a month, and let’s just say pricing was under $1000–very doable for this size client. They are not able to add it into the 2006 plan, but you can guarantee it will be in the 2007 budget.

Online radio is also an easy sell for your clients that are nervous about entering the online advertising market. The word “radio” gives your clients familiarity, something they know and will make them feel more at ease giving some of their advertising budget to you to spend online.

Lastly, I mentioned earlier about the different radio stations for different demographics, here is a small list and what they offer:

-Targeting Women:
WAHM Radio — Provides family friendly music, tips and advice about work from home issues, recipes and more

Small Business Radio for Women — Every Monday they feature success stories, tips and advice for women entrepreneurs

-Targeting Techies:
Web Master Radio — as you guessed, tips, advice from leading industry experts

-Targeting Sports/Men:
ESPN Radio — you got it sports, talk shows, interviews, highlights

-Targeting Youths:
Youth Radio — This site plays what kids want to hear

Remember, with your next media plan for a new or existing client, add some online radio stations into the mix.


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