Pheedo: RSS Audience Stays Within Aggregators, Niche Feeds


RSS marketing solutions provider Pheedo yesterday released its quarterly Pheed report, a summary of activity on its network of RSS advertisers and publishers. The report shows a great deal of untapped potential in certain areas of the RSS market.

90 percent of consumers stay within the RSS aggregator environment when they read feeds, perhaps the most alarming trend spotted by this report. This illuminates the need for publishers to monetize advertising and content at the feed-reader level.

Standalone RSS ads are currently performing much better than inline ads, posting an average 2.76 percent click-through rate (CTR) as opposed to the 0.45 percent CTR of inline. Niche content categories have been found to host the most effective RSS ads, with comics and humor averaging 9.62 percent CTR, travel 8.54 percent, and kids and family at 7.61 percent.

While summary and full-text feeds have very similar average CTRs, at 12 and 10 percent respectively, a whopping 84 percent of publishers opt to use summary feeds.

Bloglines continues to lead the RSS feed aggregator market share, at 30 percent. MyYahoo is close behind, at 24 percent, Mozilla/Firefox applications have 12 percent, NewsGator Online has 10 percent, and NetNewsWire follows behind at 4 percent.


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