Partnership Produces New Ad Measurement Platform


Marketing measurement company Marketing Evolution and market research company InsightExpress have teamed up to create the new ADI Plus online ad measurement platform. ADI Plus is designed to efficiently measure and predict online advertising and marketing data. It allows advertisers to test their creatives and track their campaigns. ADI Plus follows the marketing mix model, and also allows advertisers to measure a campaign’s reach and determine the correct market mix model input. It can not only measure the current status of a campaign, but it can also predict the future performance of that campaign.

ADI Plus is based on experimentation, allowing advertisers to play with campaign designs and understand how the real market environment will affect their results. Data generated by ADI Plus can be used to plan different marketing strategies according to various scenarios. Eventually, Marketing Evolution and InsightExpress believe that ADI Plus will become the industry standard in campaign measurement, prediction, and experimentation.

“ADI Plus is the most innovative online measurement offering available and it fills a major void within the marketing and research community…. [Marketing Evolution and InsightExpress] are confident that ADI Plus will be embraced by the industry and will help take online advertising measurement to the next level,” said InsightExpress CEO William E. Lipner in a statement.


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