Lip Sync Your Little Heart Out with Cingular Promotion


Following the success of last year’s Cingular/iTunes campaign, New York-based digital agency Atmosphere BBDO has launched its latest interactive campaign for the wireless provider that’s got us singing all about it.

This latest campaign, Lip Sync Battle, isn’t a nod to Milli Vanilli, but a grassroots viral effort that encourages youngsters to submit videos of themselves lip syncing to the featured Cingular Sounds artist(s) of the month—this month’s being Rianna and her hit “SOS”. Users can in turn view and rank the syncs from highest to lowest. This latest addition to the Atmosphere/Cingular push comes as part of their ongoing deal to enhance youth engagement of Cingular’s music platform, Cingular Sounds, which was constructed to provide downloadable music ringtones and content from exclusive new artists every 6 to 8 weeks.

As Tarik Sedky, Managing Director, Client Services at Atmosphere BBDO tells ADOTAS, “This campaign was born out of the challenge to build an innovative program that supports the Cingular Sounds product offering. The challenge was to go beyond a traditional advertising campaign and develop an experience that fully integrates the product into the lives of youth in a relevant fun way.”

He adds, “Our vision was to look beyond traditional marketing avenues and come up with an idea that taps into the way youth use their mobile devices and the online space. It further embraced the idea of user generated content and interaction. Marrying these two themes together with the Cingular product was at the heart of the idea and how the program came to be.” The hosting and maintaining of the microsite and mobile features, we’re told, is under the watchful eye of DNA Studios.

Now that Atmosphere has allowed us to make that little orange guy dance, they figured wannabe singers should get their chance to shine on the proverbial stage. According to Sedky, “The concept is centered around the idea of letting youth show their passion for the exclusive artists Cingular brings to them by lip synching to featured songs.” He continues, “The program enables users to generate and own content in a relevant and meaningful way that ladders back to the Cingular product offering [of exclusive ringtones from top artists]. This program perpetuates user engagement in two important ways, 1) sharing videos and 2) enabling the public to vote on who has the best video on the site.”

The Lip Sync Battle campaign, which launched the last week of April and will run through December 31st, is strictly digital. Sedky explains, “Cingular is leveraging relevant media properties such as,,,,, AOL and [to drive traffic to the site with online ads]. In addition, the program is empowering youth to pass along the program via viral, send-to-a-friend functionality on the site. It will also be shared with Cingular customers via email.” According to Atmosphere, so far the viral campaign, which has both an IM and email send to a friend aspects, has already helped the campaign take flight. And with the targeted demographic in the 12-24 range it’s no surprise the blogosphere has already picked it up.

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