IAB Defines Standard for Broadband Video Impressions


The Interactive Advertising Bureau today announced new Broadband Video Commercial Measurement Guidelines, made final at the IAB Leadership Forum: Broadband and Beyond, held today in New York. The guidelines pave a promising path for the advancement of media measurement and accountability in the emerging space of broadband advertising.

“Generally speaking, what I think is interesting about the broadband measurement guidelines, from a macro perspective, unlike television, we’re actually measuring the ad itself versus the content that prerolls the ad,” Chris Young, CEO of Klipmart, comments to ADOTAS. “There’s global standardization that’s going on here. If you look at that from television, standards do not work cross-border. With this metric, we’re breaking down the barriers of the border.”

One of the IAB’s main concerns was with defining what point in a user’s interaction with a broadband video commercial the delivery is tabulated as an ad impression. According to the new guidelines, a valid broadband ad impression is accounted only after the initiation of the stream itself, when the ad becomes visible in the user’s browser.

“This goes a step further because it’s waiting for the video to buffer,” Young adds, “…so I think it’s a real win for agencies and advertisers alike.”

The IAB also officially defined a “Broadband Video Commercial” as one which may appear before, during, or after a variety of different types of video content. They specify that the commercial may appear in live, archived, or downloadable streaming media.

These new definitions have been released in adjunct to the Ad Campaign Measurement and Audit Guidelines, the standard reference for counting online ad impressions since 2004.


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