Google Enhances Search Capabilities


Google announced the release of new technologies in beta yesterday that will improve the search experience for users. The new products include Google Co-op, Google Desktop 4 and Google Notebook will help users find and share more relevant information. Google Trends was also introduced, which allows users to view billions of searches conducted on Google to gain understanding of search patterns.

“Google Co-op and the other new services announced today combine the power of Google’s technology with the context, knowledge, and unique expertise of individuals,” said Jonathan Rosenberg, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Google Inc, said in a press statement. “As a result, users can find the information they are looking for — no matter how specialized or specific — faster than ever.”

Google Co-op is an online community where users can label web pages relevant to their area of expertise or create links to which other users can subscribe. Once a user has subscribed to a content link, all of that content provider’s labels and subscribed links are added to the user’s search results for relevant queries. Google has jump-started the process by creating annotated pages and links to which users can subscribe.

Google Desktop 4 offers Google Gadgets, which are mini-applications that sit on a user’s desktop and deliver a variety of personalized content such as news, weather, games, and media players. Desktop 4 also offers an option for network administrators to disable Search Across Computers on both the consumer and enterprise versions of the product at the network level by simply blocking access to a specific URL.

Google Notebook is a personal browser tool that helps users save and organize ideas when they conduct research online. Images, links, and clip text can all be saved to their online “notebook,” which can be accessed from any computers and shared with others. Finally, Google Trends builds on the Google Zeitgeist to help users observe searches from Google users from around the world.


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