Facebook to Add Mobile Internet Browsing


College social networking site–and chief MySpace competitor–will soon extend its mobile capabilities by enabling Internet-style browsing over cell phones. The announcement and soon-to-be launch of the browser expands on Facebook’s current text messaging service for its users.

According to a statement on Red Herring from company spokesperson Melanie Deitch, Facebook has just finished building a WAP, or wireless application protocol, that will offer a browsing service that more closely resembles the way the site works online.

While carrier partners like Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and Cingular have been somewhat hesitant to extend social network sites like Facebook onto their cellular networks because of privacy and security concerns, Facebook’s move suggests carriers have lost some of their fears over a full-featured social network on cell phones.

But privacy concerns aside, the operators have apparently taken notice of the massive popularity of sites like MySpace with 76 million users; Facebook with over 7 million; and Bebo with over 23 million.


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