Elizabeth Arden, ipsh! Fantasize about Brit and K-Fed


If you’re the kind of person who would run out and buy the new Britney Spears fragrance Fantasy, without blinking an eye, do we have a campaign for you. Taking Goodby Silverstein Partners’ FantasyBritneySpears.com online campaign globally and into the mobile marketplace, Omnicom’s mobile marketing firm, ipsh!, worked with GSP to create what it’s calling the first-ever cross-continental mobile marketing campaign.

Omnicom’s ipsh!, which was hired to help strengthen brand loyalty and awareness of the Elizabeth Arden fragrance, now allows fans worldwide (e.g. UK, U.S., UAE, Spain, Italy, South Africa) to download the same ringtones (of Britney-recorded messages, not songs) and Fantasy-branded wallpaper off the Fantasy website. The site also offers an interactive game where players can upload pictures of their “crush”, play the dating game with Cupid’s bow and arrow, watch the Fantasy TV spot, send-to-a-friend, and even download audio of Britney herself telling the Cinderella story of her and hubby Kevin Federline.

The Fantasy theme of the site surrounds the viewers in a fairy tale, page-turning experience. Britney tells users her own fantasy, which takes place in a forest ala Fern Gully–only without the tractors cutting it all down–and shares a story about a girl (herself) chasing and being chased by a boy (K-Fed) until he strikes her with Cupid’s arrow. Of course, the real story could be translated a bit differently, but as long as consumers are picking up the scent—and according to ipsh! project manager, Ken Singer, the company is already seeing “significant consistent traffic”–nothing else matters.

But regardless of whether or not you buy the “true love” story, since Brit and K-Fed’s fairy tale is more tabloid than Shakespeare, ADOTAS finds out what made Elizabeth Arden go mobile. “The campaign is a branding exercise–the client [Elizabeth Arden] is marketing the Britney website as a whole,” says Singer. “Perfumes are products that personify personalization. Mobile technology is the technical equivalent–the mobile phone is the most personal device available. The message of “personalization” made a mobile marketing campaign a perfect vehicle to launch a youth-driven fragrance.”

As for how they are getting the word out about the pop idol’s pretty in pink perfume, Singer tells us that other than the send to a friend option, they’re letting Brittany do the talking. As he tells us, “All of our ringtone/wallpaper campaigns are intrinsically viral. The wallpapers have images of Britney and the ringtones are recordings of her voice. Every time the phone rings, Britney’s voice will be promoting the fragrance to anyone within earshot.”

How does your fantasy stack up? Visit www.FantasyBritneySpears.com to find out.


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