Doppelganger Adopts Dance Moves, Boomboxes, 3D Environments


San-Francisco-based company Doppelganger, formerly Evil Twin Studios, today announced the launch of its flagship property The Lounge featuring the Pussycat Dolls. The site combines Doppelganger’s next-generation 3-D social environment with Interscope Records’ popular musical talent and AOL Instant Messaging technology.

Doppelganger believes young audiences tuned in to online social networking will be attracted to The Lounge, where they can create a customized avatar, move around and interact with others in the environment while listening to new music from Interscope artists.

“What Doppelganger has created an amazing new online experience for music fans,” said Courtney Holt, Head of New Media and Strategic Marketing for Interscope Records, in a press release. “Our audiences are going online in unprecedented numbers. Doppelganger offers an edgy and fun environment to for teens to hang out, share music, chat with their friends, as well as find and buy new products.”

While much of the advertising on The Lounge featuring the Pussycat Dolls is currently devoted to Interscope and the site’s other partners, its 3-D environment affords marketers an innovative opportunity for users to interact with their brand. Ads can be placed on billboards, DJ booths, and dance floors, simulating consumers’ familiar interaction with outdoor advertising.


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