Cube Fabulous Shakes Doldrums of Cubicle Life


Whoever thought that an entertainment company would exist for the sole purpose of helping office works escape their cubes? Well, cubicle dwellers take note, surf to Shorn Entertainment’s Cube Fabulous site for a comical eight minute break from the daily grind.

With technology partner Broadband Enterprises engineering the site and Honda as its flagship sponsor, new eight to ten minute episodes will be broadcast online several times per month where an office worker gets a re-decorated cube. is powered by Broadband Enterprises and syndicated to a number of the company’s partner sites including,, Windowsmedia, Blastro and Singingfool. Furthermore, the current estimated audience will consist of 100 million views served with approximately 10 million unique users.

With the total advertisement commitment expected to exceed $1 million in 2006, Honda is the first in what will hopefully be a long line of sponsors for the goofy coffee breaks. Byron Evje, chief operating officer for Broadband Enterprises, told ADOTAS that the campaign and show were created in response to the new online movement towards “the advent of original programming with product integration.”

Evje also explains, “The concept of the show is to target the disgruntled cube dweller — in other words, the typical broadband user,” which explains why Honda was so hot to get on board with the show’s 21-30 year-old target audience. A banner for the new compact Honda Fit runs below the show’s video player, and the car can also be previewed in the show as it carries the Cube Fabricators to their redecorating destination making the most of product integration. Honda also runs pre-roll ads before the show, and the player is custom-branded for the car maker.

With a total of six episodes slated to run on the site, episode 1: Ski Bunny is currently available for viewing. The campaign launched on Monday, May 15 and will run through August, so office workers can get their fill all summer long of “a humorous twist on the monotonies of the workplace, where many people spend countless days staring at the same four walls,” according to Evje. In episode 1, one of the Cube Fabricators reminds the viewer that cube redecorating is “serious work” and is “really deep getting below the surface” because the Cube Fabricators are upgrading a person’s work environment where they spend at least eight hours five days a week.

In an effort to get the word out about Cube Fabulous, the show has been uploaded to viral sites and has a “Send to a Friend” email component. I can assure you I will be sending an email to my friends, cube-dwellers and non-office workers alike, about this slapstick cube-dwelling comedy ASAP.



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