CaféPress Aligns with Squidoo


DIY Schwag service CaféPress and Seth Godin’s topical social network Squidoo have teamed to share content and sell products. CaféPress lets users upload their own designs, have them printed on-demand on staples like mugs, mouse pads, and T-shirts, and then sell them for a profit. Squidoo has tens of thousands of user-created “lenses” that let members share interests and “focus” on topics that they find important. Squidoo lenses can also help their creaters earn money through affiliate sales and AdSense ads.

“The future of the web lies in user-created and recommended content,” said Squidoo founder Seth Godin in a statement. He adds, “CaféPress has figured out this secret already. By creating an easy way for their users to build and sell their products based on their own designs, they’re bringing unique human content online. Squidoo is excited to introduce its community to CaféPress products and help take online recommendation to the next level.”

In addition to driving traffic to CaféPress, the partnership gives Squidoo members more opportunities to make money off the subjects they’re passionate about. CaféPress items will be searchable through Squidoo, and Squidoo “lensemasters” will be able to hook up their lense participants with relevant CaféPress gear.



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