Aplus.net Launches SEM Service


Search Engine Booster, the new SEM service from web hosting service Aplus.net, was launched today in hopes of giving Aplus customers expert website and SEO advice. Booster is designed primarily for small business sites, and is designed to help make them search engine friendly. The service includes detailed analysis, reports, and recommendations to show small businesses how to gain more traffic by ranking higher on search engines.

In addition to analysis, the base cost of Booster also includes basic services to tweak sites for SEO. Customers also receive monthly SEO reports so they can see how their sites are performing on the major search engines. A website owner can take the data provided by Aplus and optimize their site themselves, but more in-depth SEO services from Aplus.net technicians are available for an additional per-hour fee.

Aplus CEO Ivan Vachovsky says in a statement, “Large companies generally have a large marketing budget and can utilize all types of expensive marketing methods — TV, radio, print, etc. Small companies, however, must achieve effective marketing with a small budget. Focusing on search engine marketing is the key, as research shows that over 85% of website traffic comes from search engines. Since our customer base consists mainly of small businesses, we decided to focus on an offering that would enable our customers to take advantage of the power of the Web.”



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