ADOTAS Conversations: Edith Bellinghausen, VP of New Media, Razor & Tie


From what I can tell, you guys value interactive online marketing. It values into the mix pretty well.

Our company is based in direct-response marketing. So we are very results-oriented. And the greatest thing about online marketing is that it’s really quantifiable. When you spend money—for example, we did an immersive advertising campaign with Neopet for Kids Bop. That versus a print ad in a major national magazine—it’s really tough to gauge what the response is to traditional media, whereas I can log on and see we’ve had over 2 million game plays of this game on Neopets. And I know that it’s individual users and each one spent X amount of minutes with our brand. So I think that that is why Razor & Tie has really gotten behind all of our online efforts. Ecommerce is really a big part of what we do, too.

I was going to ask you about that. What is—that’s sort of my baby, I started that back in ’99. We’re one of the first companies to start putting a website address in our commercials, and driving people to a website to make the purchase. Now, our ecommerce accounts for 50-75 percent of our direct-response sales, which has really grown over the years. I think it’s indicative of how people are getting more used to buying things online. Ecommerce is really important. We do a lot of things to drive people to that site, from your regular banner campaigns—and we are very results-oriented with that, also. We look at everything sort of on a cost-per-order basis. We do a lot of search marketing. That’s a really big part of what we do here.

Is that why you were brought aboard, to create the ecommerce part of it?

Primarily. I started off creating our ecommerce business, and then from there… We were doing a little bit of artist online marketing, and we had our own label website. And all of that grew as the years went by. Our new media department is a staff of six.

So it’s still a close-knit operation?

Yeah, it definitely is. My goal is to monetize whatever I can, be it selling products directly, or taking our assets and digitizing them and figuring out “hey, how can we distribute some of this content that maybe we don’t want to put out physically,” is another big part of it. Mobile is something that we’re starting to get into more now.

And you mentioned search also?

Yeah, search is one of the key marketing efforts that anyone—anyone who’s not doing search is really missing the boat. You know? I’m surprised when I’ll search for a product and I don’t see anything. It’s pretty amazing. But it’s very easy and very low-cost.

Right. That seems to be the bread and butter for a lot of people. It’s interesting that at this point in time, if you weren’t hopping on the wagon, it’s kind of strange to not see them buy keywords.

Right. Because you’re getting people who are looking for your product, or your service, or your brand, or whatever it may be. And it’s just a really cost-efficient way of getting them to experience the content of what you want them to.


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