Warren Corpus Charts a Course Through ad:tech San Francisco


It seems that most of this year’s parties have a new twist — they are strictly adhering to their guest lists. After forwarding a party invitation to a coworker, he told me that after attempting to RSVP via email, he received an auto-response that told him he wasn’t on the original guest list. Well fear not, since San Francisco has a lot more to offer than the conference and a few industry parties:

• Catch a Giants game — San Francisco is tied for first place in the NL West, and Pac Bell Park… I mean SBC Park… errr, AT&T Park is one of the nicest, state-of-the-art baseball stadiums in the league. And, love him or hate him, Barry Bonds is an intriguing personality, only 6 HRs away from surpassing Babe Ruth in the all-time home run list. It’s close to impossible that he’ll hit that mark by Tuesday when I’ll be sitting in the stands, but with all the microbrew selections and full liquor bars, I doubt that anyone will care.

• Grab a nice meal — If ad:tech was held in Delray Beach, I’d be your personal tour guide. Since it’s not, I had to ask some San Francisco locals for their take on the dining scene. Diego Canoso of Adteractive says, “Hot spots are Mamacita (www.mamacitasf.com) on Chestnut and Frisson (www.frissonsf.com) on Jackson — every night of the week. Get a reservation now — they are jammed.” My friend Valeria who works as a personal concierge of sorts, adds that “Mamacita is the hot new Mexican restaurant owned by promoters Vintage 415… Frisson is beautiful.” She also suggests Supperclub (www.supperclubsf.com) for dinner and live entertainment.

• Have a drink — If I remember anything (albeit hazily) about San Francisco, it’s the abundance of nightlife. In past years, the Red Room bar at the Clift Hotel has always been a hotspot for ad:tech attendees. Last year I just walked in for a late-night drink and ended up finding half my Outlook contact list there.

At the time of this column, I don’t know if the place is still open — to be honest with you, I thought they would have to condemn the hotel after my 2003 visit. Valeria recommends Club Dolce (www.dolcesf.com) in North Beach, and John Collins Bar at 90 Natoma Street for “amazing bartenders and phenomenal drinks.” If there’s anyone who would know a good drink, it’s Valeria.

• Put a girl through college — and perpetuate the long-standing myth that all exotic dancers are “working their way through school.” I know what you’re thinking: “Warren, internet marketers at a strip club? C’mon….” Yes newbie, believe it or not, some of our colleagues have an affinity for adult establishments, or so I hear. An esteemed colleague who we’ll call “Dirty D” says, “If you can’t find 80% of the industry, check the [adult establishments].” He suggests Mitchell Brothers and New Century. Mitchell Brothers is the “amusement park of adult entertainment”… or so I’m told.

If nightlife is not your thing, there’s a ton to see in San Francisco during the day, if you want to blow off your meetings and sessions. Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, the trolley cars, and the Golden Gate Bridge are all sights that visitors flock to. Two festivals — the International Film Festival and International Beer Festival — are both going on this week. Whether you’re a film buff or beer connoisseur, sight-seer or night-owl, San Francisco has tons to offer in addition to what promises to be the biggest ad:tech show to date.


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