Want Universal Appeal? A Few Straightforward Solutions on Marketing to Everyone


Today, our jobs in the online industry have become more complex, and as the world becomes more varied, the media planning must change with it. When I say more varied, I mean there are more shades of people everywhere you look, yet most of the planning still consists of mainstream websites. Very few ethnic websites ever make the cut, and why not?

The goal of media buyers/planners and agencies is to market a product for branding and/or sales to the consumer market. I’ve noticed most products don’t have a color barrier yet most of the ads still show people who are Caucasian or Hispanic. What about the other ethnic groups, i.e. African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Arab-Americans and Native-Americans, and let’s not forget there are probably more Americans out there that are a combination of two or more ethnic groups these days.

It seems agencies have not re-focused their thinking on who to market to:

Easy answer, re-think your strategy and online creative…

Having said that let’s take a look at some statistics:

In November 2005, a report came out that should have raised some eyebrows. It stated that there are about as many African-Americans online as teenagers, approximately 18.4 million African-Americans to be specific. There are more African-Americans online than Hispanics. But everyone focused on marketing to the Hispanic market more last year, while this is good, let’s not forget about everyone else. Imagine if you are in the market of lead generation if you could acquire even a quarter of those leads, my guess is you would be retiring fairly early.

As mentioned in the last article of reaching women, people in general like to see themselves in ads, because it makes them feel they can relate to the ad and you are speaking directly to them, as seen in the eMarketer chart below look how many people like to see themselves in ads:


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