Viewpoint Upgrades Ad-Serving Platform


Online marketing technology company Viewpoint today announced the release of FUSE 1.4, the latest version of its content delivery technology powering the Unicast ad platform.

In conjunction with the FUSE 1.4 release, the company also announced new ad formats and tracking capabilities of the tool, which it hopes will streamline the advertising process. The new enhancements include Intelligent Design, which allows marketers to create only one version of an online ad, and in turn, the feature automatically alters all the ad specs to accommodate each publisher’s requirements across Unicast’s publisher network–AOL, CNET Networks and Yahoo being the most notable. FUSE 1.4 also has the ability to detect a growing range of specifications, such as audio initiation, transitional delivery preference and ad timeout.

Other features include create templates, trackable send-to-a-friend tools

“The new features of Fuse 1.4 underscore our ability to provide technology that makes it increasingly easier for marketers to focus on the creative delivery of their message to target audiences,” said Jason McKay, VP & GM at Unicast, in a press statement. “In addition, our robust reporting capabilities provide insight into the entire sequence of user engagement, from click-through and send to a friend activity, all the way through the measurement of interaction with content on microsites. This provides a 360 degree view of how users are responding to a campaign.”


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