UK Companies Team to Create Interactive One-Stop Shop


ITV, a leading UK commercial broadcaster/television programmer, has announced it is partnering with emuse to create an interactive one-stop shop for advertisers. The deal is unique in providing simultaneous and congruent interactive campaigns across digital satellite, digital terrestrial television, mobile, and online platforms through a single provider.

The strategy is likely to be emulated by American companies over the next year, because it eliminates the complications which ensue when advertisers are forced to work with a multitude of different agencies, technologies, and platforms.

“We are delighted to be working with ITV during this exciting moment in the development of interactive advertising,” Patrick Rainsford, CEO of emuse, told the press. “Today’s announcement ensures significantly increased access to viewers for advertisers and an integrated solution across all platforms combating the obvious fragmentation happening in the industry.”

T-Mobile acted as the companies’ test subject over this past Easter weekend, when its interactive campaign successfully reached over 6 million viewers across multiple channels.


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