Tocmag Makes Mobile Magazines


European mobile media company Tocmag has just launched a new online service that lets users create their own online mini-magazines, specially formatted for cell phones. The service is free for both the mini-magazine creator and the reader. Each mag can contain multiple pages of text, images, and video, and can be downloaded to any Java-powered mobile phone. Mini-magazines are hosted on Tocmag’s website, and can be made publicly available for anyone to read, or they can be made private, and available only to people the author specifies.

“It is the first time people can create their own meaningful content for their mobile phone and send it anywhere in the world,” said Mike Frampton, Tocmag’s head of technology in a statement. “With our free to use system, there is no limit to how much text or how many pictures or video users can send, meaning that people will no longer be restricted by the limitations of SMS or MMS. Whether you want to send some video files to a friend for fun or run a world wide advertising campaign direct to mobile phones, tocmag provides the ability to reach phones in any country, at any time and as often as needed”

Tocmag is aimed at both private and business users, and they encourage their service to be used by marketers and advertisers, as well as bloggers, podcasters, and citizen-journalists.


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