Study: Healthcare Ad Spending Gains Momentum


A new report from Outsell, Inc., “Annual Ad Spending Study 2006: Business, Healthcare, and Consumer Advertisers,” positions healthcare ad spend as a burgeoning space due for considerable growth.

Conducted in November of 2005, and polling 1,214 advertisers, Outsell’s study is the first to cover the three advertising sectors of business, healthcare, and consumer at once. “The study covers all media from the advertiser’s point of view – not the search engine players’ point of view or publishers’/media companies’ point of view,” Chuck Richard, vice president and lead analyst, Outsell, Inc., tells ADOTAS.

The study includes sector-by-sector comparisons of adoption rates for online advertising. It also rates the comparative effectiveness of different online marketing approaches, and differentiates the values of Google, Yahoo, MSN.

While Outsell found that healthcare represented the lowest share of ad spending, it also saw that the field had the fastest-growing rate for online advertising, search engines, webinars, sponsored online content, and email marketing combined.

The study predicted total ad spend to grow 18.8 percent in 2006, eight times the predicted growth of broadcast mediums and six times the predicted growth of print. Not surprisingly, it found search to be the fastest growing marketing method—due to rise 26.3 percent in 2006.


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