Powerball Promotion Makes Us Feel Like a Million Bucks


The Powerball jackpot is a phenomenon unto itself. While state lotteries are a dime-a-dozen nowadays, it’s the regional Powerball drawings and their mega-bucks giveaways that seems to rouse the money-hungry beast in all of us. In fact, Powerball has a 99% brand awareness rating, making it the most recognized lottery game among players and non-players.

So when WMS Gaming, the folks behind the Powerball madness, decided to open their new video slot machines, it wasn’t a surprise that they handpicked interactive agency ePrize — whose specialty lies in sweepstakes campaigns — to implement a promotion around the launch. “It’s an exciting opportunity for them to take the chance to win elements of the lottery and take it into the casino in a video slot machine setting,” ePrize COO Robb Lippitt tells ADOTAS. “So the promotion itself is really designed to promote and create awareness and excitement about the new slot machines and the launch of the product.”

Through the “Feel Like a Millionaire for a Weekend Instant Win & Sweepstakes”, which kickstarted April 1st, consumers can log on to ePrize’s Powerball site, learn about the new video slots and of course, win prizes such as an expense-paid trip for two to Las Vegas and $25 Visa Gift Cards. “Somebody registers for a chance to play the game, and they’ll see a short Flash movie, which is an educational piece — though it certainly doesn’t feel educational, it’s very fun with music — that explains what the new slot machines are all about,” Lippitt says. “It explains how it works and the Powerball element, which is really giving people multiple chances for people to win with a single pull of the slot machine.”

While the gift cards are instant-win rewards, it’s the Vegas trip that’s the real jackpot according to Lippitt. “It’s basically giving that millionaire Vegas experience to a couple of winners, the high-end casino experience, staying in the big rooms and having that fantastic casino experience that most of us never get the opportunity to enjoy,” he says.

Tying into the whole Vegas theme, ePrize and Powerball also included a unique offline component, the eDecoder piece, which is purposefully meant to drive people to the website. Powerball will be handing out the pieces at Harrah’s Casino in Las Vegas, Harrah’s Casino in New Jersey, and other casinos and locations in Las Vegas. When held up to a computer screen, the eDecoder will reveal a hidden image which notifies the player if he/she is a winner.

Along with the nifty decoder tool, media buys are also being places on the big three sites, namely Yahoo, M SN and Google, along with Harrah’s official website. But with 4,500 prizes and 50 wins per day, chances are word will spread pretty fast nonetheless for this promotion, which runs through June 30th. Whether you’re the casual visitor or the casino-phile, you can place bets and win one of nine jackpots with a little tutoring from the interactive 3×3 matrix.

It might not be the $300 million Powerball jackpot you were hoping for, but a few nights of fun and pampering in Sin City is nothing to fret about.

Try your luck out at http://wms.eprize.net/powerball/


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