PartnerCentric Pairs with Asian Affiliate Group


Affiliate marketing firm PartnerCentric today announced that it will be merging forces with AMWSO, a professional affiliate management group based in Asia, but with market penetration in the U.S. and Canada. With this alliance, PartnerCentric hopes to greatly expand its base of experienced affiliate managers and allow them to offer their clients round-the-clock attention through the addition of the English-speaking, Asian-based satellite office. Citing his expertise with LinkShare, PartnerCentric is also bringing AMWSO’s Director, Chris Sanderson, into the fold.

“For the last three years, PartnerCentric has grown at an annual rate of over 300-percent,” explains PartnerCentric president Linda Woods in a statement. “Given this kind of fantastic growth rate, PartnerCentric is always on the lookout for talented affiliate program managers that allow us to better service our accounts and continue to grow. By merging the talent and experience of Chris Sanderson and his team with our own, our clients will benefit through unparalleled customer service in more global markets than ever before.”


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