OptinRealBig Opts Out of Bankruptcy


In March of last year direct marketing company, OptInRealBig filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after settling a major lawsuit from Microsoft, and a $50,000 fine from New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.

“Today, one year after we filed for bankruptcy, Optinrealbig.com has emerged from the bankruptcy process as a stronger, re-energized, and adaptable company that is prepared to compete with the best that the industry has to offer.” said OptInRealBig CEO and one-time self-proclaimed “Spam King” Scott Richter in a statement.

After receiving a court reprieve from the Microsoft a while ago, and reporting a sharp increase in direct marketing sales in the first quarter of 2006, OptIn announced today that a judge has now officially brought them out of bankruptcy.

“We have made changes to our organization which allows us to operate much more efficiently… We’ve modified the way we do business that not only continues to comply with regulations, but far surpasses industry-wide best practices. All of these essential changes along with the support of our advertisers and affiliates have helped us achieve the record breaking sales and profits that we have been experiencing for the past twelve months,” added Richter.



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