NYTimes.com Relaunches Video-Enabled Site


The New York Times re-launched their website today with a host of new features for their growing audience of online news readers and a number of new options for advertisers. The most notable addition is the inclusion of original pre-roll video on their homepage and embedded within various sections of the site. The redesign was performed in collaboration with interactive agency Avenue A | Razorfish.

Starting today, pre-roll video ads from Lexus and AT&T will accompany original NY Times newsroom commentaries on the front page and in a special “Video” section of the site. Editor in Chief Leonard M. Apcar yesterday posted a letter addressing the site’s timely integration of video: “Five years ago, when the prior design debuted, multimedia was in its infancy and video quality was poor. Now, video and multimedia are fundamental elements of our Web presentation.”

Sponsors will have several other new possibilities on the site, including a few entirely new sections: “My Times”, a customizable user homepage, “Most Popular,” an updated compilation of the most e-mailed, blogged, and searched articles, as well as an easy-to-browse archive of past news, references, photos, graphics, audio and video. The site also introduced “bookends” ads, which are displayed prominently on either side of the Time’s main masthead.



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