MSNBC Serves Up News to Go


News website has launched an ad-supported mobile news service today.Akin to many newsonline services, the new Mobile has annoucned its beta launch. The service features headlines, video from NBC shows like the NBC Nightly News and the Today Show, and photos. Users can also save articles to read later. Mobile is available free of charge, and incorporates banner and video ads. Currently, the new service is exclusively sponsored by Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and Embedded Devices division.

MSNBC partnered with Microsoft and mobile software developer Action Engine to create the new service, and will test the advertising waters by seeking out customer feedback. Both MSNBC and Action Engine will also be watching advertisers and wireless carriers to determine the best possible service on both ends. VP of marketing, Catherine Captain, explains the movein a statement, saying, “…it’s critical that we are available to consumers wherever they may be. The goal of this program is to deliver the experience without penalizing consumers with yet another subscription fee,” she said. “The consumer research we collect from this beta launch will give us valuable insight on how to effectively migrate advertising-supported content from computer to mobile device.”

Currently, Mobile is only available on certain Windows Mobile powered Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon phones with internet access. Eventually, MSNBC plans to add support for Jawa and BREW-enabled phones as well.


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