MIVA Supplies Contextual Relevance to iCopyright Network

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Leading performance marketing network MIVA today announced it has cemented a global ad distribution deal with Data Depth, provider of iCopyright. The two companies will cooperate to embed contextually relevant Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Call ads in online content, which will generate income for the publisher.

iCopyright, which offers copyright protection and monetization of publishers’ online content, already collects fees for a network of over 700 major publishers, including Associated Press, Reuters, UPI, Scripps, and Primedia. MIVA will work with these sites and others to ensure that their Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Call ads find effective contextual targets. A percentage of the revenue created will go directly to the publisher, while advertisers will only pay when they receive a business lead.

“Publishers need copyright protection of their online content to defend against those who are co-opting their content without compensation,” said Data Depth founder and CEO, Mike O’Donnell in a press statement. “Cash compensation via iCopyright has been a critical source of protection. With MIVA, we have found another vital way to generate revenues for publishers by attaching contextually relevant ads to their content.”

While the combined services of MIVA and iCopyright are already being implemented on the AP Wire Service, Scripps, Freedom Communications, and Penton, it is expected to go live in the second quarter of 2006.