Kontera Gets Funding, Unveils ContentLink


In-text advertising company Kontera today announced that they have received round one funding from Sequoia Capital. Subsequently, they have launched their ContentLink advertising system, a technology that peruses a website’s content and places appropriate in-text keyword advertising links within the page. The ContentLink system also comes with two keyword bidding systems: ContentLink Ad Center, and ContentLink Private Ad Marketplace. Ad Center is open for advertisers, whereas Private Ad Marketplace is for publishers who want to handle keyword bidding privately with their own advertisers.

“Sequoia Capital invested in Kontera because its ContentLink(TM) In-Text Advertising Solution provides online publishers and advertisers with a proven technology with a verified business model. ContentLink(TM) offers online publishers an opportunity to create incremental ad revenue from its existing content, complementing existing banner and pay- per-click advertising programs while solving current problems of ad inventory and web page real estate,” said Sequoia partner Haim Sadger in a statement.

Kontera is billing ContentLink as a system for publishers who already use other forms of advertising (like PPC or banners) and are looking to add a little extra advertising to increase ROI. In-text advertisements appear within the content of a page, so they don’t take up screen real estate like banners, and since ContentLink interprets a page’s content on-the-fly, it can be used with user-generated pages like blogs, forums, and user-generated product reviews.


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