IAB Grows Another 25%


In the past year, the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s membership has grown about 25%, bringing in 23 members in the first quarter of 2006. The current total of 250 represents a 600 percent growth from the dot-com bust of 2001, when the IAB counted only 35 companies as members.

New additions to the IAB include Adscape Media, Cendant Travel Distribution, Dennis Digital/Maxim Online, Double Fusion, Inc., Kaboose.com, LPI Media, MallTV, OGaming Network, Perfect Market, Prospectiv, QuePasa, Six Apart, Terra Networks, Traffic.com, Waterfront Media, Enlighten, LatinThre3, Operative, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Root Markets, and TARGUSinfo.

“With the help of these new members and our current membership, we continue to focus on programs and initiatives that help drive the interactive marketplace forward,” said IAB CEO/President Greg Stuart in a press statement. Stuart attributed the IAB’s growth to an increase of IAB staff and recruiting efforts, as well as to the general health of the industry.

With its current roster, IAB companies are responsible for selling over 86 percent of online advertising in the U.S. Members engage in the creation of industry standards and guidelines, groundbreaking research, and products, services and events which support other members.


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