Feed the Need: Surveying the Past, Present and Future of RSS


Fergus Burns, CEO of Nooked

1. What has the advent of RSS done for the Internet?

Permission based marketing; Surfing habits — information flows to consumer vs. consumer “checking” web for changes.

2. What does your company do different with RSS?

We are a solution provider for marketers and publishers who want to utilize RSS. We provide the suite of services necessary to manage feeds, measure feeds and monetize feed channel.

3. How effective is advertising on RSS? What are some examples of ad successes and failures?

We firmly believe that the “feed is the advertisement” — our clients see results which outperform email marketing initiatives, as well as enhanced SEO/SEM around their feeds.

4. What is missing with RSS currently and what will your company be doing to add value to this technology?

Segmentation and subscriber profiling is at an early stage, and Nooked intends to be the market leader in the provision of solutions in this space.

5. What do you think the future has in store for this technology in terms of advertising?

Advertisers will create Feeds at products and brands; and publishers will take these feeds to their audiences — the advertiser will reap through 1) subscription growth to the feed and 2) higher rates of CPA vs. alternate advertising initiatives.



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