Ezeemoney Offers Free Marketing, Ad Tools


Internet marketing company Figleaf Enterprises announced today the launch of ezeemoney.com. The website will offer a variety of marketing tools and product resources that offer users free advertising solutions and strategies to reach 100’s of millions of potential customers with just one click.

“I have been looking for an effective tested and proven group of internet marketing products to sell,” ezeemoney.com owner Robert W. Figlo said in a press statement, “and after careful research discovered Howard L. Moreland’s products.” Figlo also explains that the website has been designed based on his marketing experience. “I have been disappointed by the lack of kept promises that are made by many of the companies offering marketing tools today. I have spent a fortune on various products and affiliate programs that just don’t deliver and I wanted to offer tested and proven products all in one place.”

In addition to the site’s marketing tools, ezeemoney.com will also offer an affiliate program with 30 free income streams and selling tools to market these products at no extra cost.


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