Does it Pay to Take the Spot?


I received a press release in my inbox this morning about the initial growth and success of Take the Spot . For those of you not familiar with the newest homegrown, interactive advertising site, here’s the deal. Created by Pratik Naik, Take the Spot allows anyone to pay ten dollars for a spot, and they will remain the spot holder until someone else purchases the spot and takes the placement away. After the spot is taken away, the website will stay on the front page of Take the Spot on the Previous Spot Owners list to become a piece of Internet history.

Take the Spot tries to improve upon Alex Tew’s sold out Million Dollar Home Page, which launched in August 2005 to raise 1 million dollars for a trip, where anyone could purchase one pixel for one dollar to own a piece of Internet history. Since its launch on March 15, 2006, Take the Spot has received 29,000 hits and 1,000 unique visitors, and Naik states on the site’s blog that the idea came from wanting to “create a source of advertising that thought of people first, and not only focusing on my personal gains.”

Although Take the Spot benefits the advertiser in many ways, it is clear that the ad also benefits Naik by driving traffic to his site and therefore justifying a rise in the current ten dollar rate in the future. Naik will also benefit because users can purchase the Spot as many times as they want, therefore driving even more traffic to the Spot site. Thus, despite Naik’s claim that he “thought of people first” when creating Take the Spot, the site does not improve on Tew’s concept for the Million Dollar Homepage.

The most interesting point about Take the Spot, other than the fact that it yields free publicity, is that the number of spots that will turn over is undisclosed, so your link may take the spot for one hour, one day, or one month. But, regardless, the link will receive free advertising forever (or at least until Naik decides to take down the site) when it is added to the list on the front page.

As the online advertising world expands, it will become harder to find cheap interactive ad alternatives. But, does taking the Spot pay off? Only time will tell.


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