Cornerstone Kickstarts Boost Mobile Campaign


Lifestyle marketing firm Cornerstone today announced that it has once again been tapped by Boost Mobile to promote Boost Mobile RockCorps (BMRC). The partnership between Boost Mobile and RockCorps is a national project which collaborates with charities working to make a difference on a local level. Boost Mobile and Cornerstone’s campaign will “boost” awareness of the program by rewarding volunteerism and providing free concert tickets to participants.

For this year’s Boost Mobile RockCorps, Cornerstone is developing a 360-degree program, including lining up the artists, producing the live events and getting the word out through traditional and non-traditional means.

Last year, BMRC volunteers received tickets to popular music concerts in their area in exchange for contributing four hours of community service. The shows included some of the biggest acts in music, including Kanye West, Green Day, Coldplay and Mike Jones.

Boost Mobile RockCorps is partnering with non-profit organizations again this year to plan more volunteer projects in major metropolitan areas around the U.S. In exchange for contributing four hours of volunteers work, youth volunteers will receive tickets to signature Boost Mobile RockCorps concerts or popular music events in their area.

Through reaching out on a local level and entrenching the project in various communities, this campaign is designed to further the recognition of Boost Mobile RockCorps on a national level,” said Rob Stone, Founder and co-President of Cornerstone in a press statement. “The RockCorps campaign drives home the power of volunteerism among target audiences and the aim is to get people to start thinking about giving of themselves at a young age.”

BMRC is now recruiting members through youth-oriented radio, websites, urban guerilla marketing and more.


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