Claria to Serve In-Page Ads through Yahoo Japan

Inplace #2

Ad-serving company Claria just announced plans to begin distributing ads to Yahoo Japan customers. Beginning later this year or early next year, Claria will incorporate contextually-based in-page ads into some type of downloadable software application.

Previously, when it was considered a spyware/adware company, Claria bundled software such as Kazaa with pop-up ads serving a number of different sites. Apart from consumer critics, who were unhappy with being bombarded by ads many of them didn’t know they had contracted for, Claria also came under attack by online publishers. Site publishers claimed Claria’s pop-ups were unfairly competing with their in-page ads. With its new software, Claria will instead support publishers by enabling in-page ads targeted to consumers’ specific behavior.

Online publishers will also benefit from Claria’s PersonalWeb software, which went live today. PersonalWeb customizes publishers’ home pages for users based on their Web-surfing behavior, and will give Claria incentive to work directly with publishers to create their own branded versions of the program.

In a related announcement made today, Claria has just received $40 million in financing from Softbank America, Rogers Communications, Asia Pacific Ventures, and Sand Hill Capital. Claria will use the money tom continue investing in personalization and convergence platforms, expanded U.S. distribution of PersonalWeb with online publishers, ISPs and mainstream software application providers, as well as accelerated international expansion.