CDT Reports Advertiser Fallout from 180solutions


Consumer advocacy group Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) issued a report yesterday indicating that at least three major online marketers have ended or greatly abridged their relationship with adware company 180solutions. Earthlink’s PeoplePC,, and all took an outspoken stand against the company’s practices in Monday’s report.

The CDT has increasingly pressured 180solutions to change its distribution model in recent months. Earlier this year, the nonprofit group filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, claiming that 180 was turning a “blind eye” to software distribution which enables pop-up serving.

In Monday’s report, Earthlink pronounced the end of its relationship with 180solutions, citing its policy against using “nuisance or harmful adware” to advertise. likewise ended all associations with the company in February of this year. LetsTalk told the CDT that it had cut spending on what it calls “nuisance-adware-based” advertising to less than one percent of its budget.

180solutions President Dan Todd has repeatedly defended his company against this type of accusation, saying that it has taken initiatives to ensure that their ad-serving software is not installed where it isn’t wanted. In a response to CDT’s recent report, Todd said that 180solutions maintains a retention rate greater than 97 percent, and that it typically continues to add over 100 new advertisers to its network a month.


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