Atom Unleashes Shockwave Advergame Studio


Atom Entertainment, Inc. today announced their launch of Game Studios, a fully supported advergame development studio which will work with advertisers to create targeted games both in-house and through its network of independent game developers. The studio, along with several dramatic changes on the Shockwave website, marks Atom’s attempts to corner the growing market of casual online gamers of every conceivable demographic.

“Today we’re entering a new era in online gaming by redesigning the site to appeal to the wide demographic base of casual gamers and offering advertisers a breadth of choices to reach our growing audience of 25 million casual game enthusiasts,” said Dave Williams, CMO of Atom Entertainment, in a press statement. “We’ve made the site more appealing for game players, and more flexible for advertisers who are trying to reach this audience in innovative ways.”

Changes made to the site include increasing the breadth of demo-specific sections, such as the children’s gaming section, in order to offer advertisers the ability to effectively target certain segments. Shockwave will also introduce a premium game service, in which users can pay $4.95/month for ad-free access to the site’s hundreds of games, as well as unlimited game play options.

This announcement follows Shockwave’s November introduction of Shockwave In-Game Network, which has successfully offered many advertisers the opportunity to insert their brand into some of the most popular titles on the site.


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