Astaro Security Sponsors New Podcast


Astaro Security Gateways, a company whose services protect more than 30,000 networks worldwide, has said it would sponsor the twelve episodes of the popular computer security podcast Security Now!.

Security Now!, a weekly podcast hosted by security expert Steve Gibson of the Gibson Research Corporation and tech personality Leo Laporte also of the podcast This Week in Tech, features issues, news, and the nuts and bolts of personal computer, internet, and network security.

“We know that podcast subscribers to Security Now! are precisely the people who will appreciate the elegance of our Astaro Security Gateway appliances. So this is the best of all possible worlds for advertisers like us: the chance to support a high-quality, informative, fun and educational program; the opportunity to associate ourselves with the emerging podcast medium; and the ability to speak directly to people who are interested in our technology,” said Astaro VP of marketing Alex Neihaus in a statement. Astaro serves entities like Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Los Alamos National Labs, and Stanford University.

“They practice what we preach!” added Laporte.

The Security Now! podcast is available through the Gibson Research Corporation homepage as well as podcast delivery services like iTunes. Security Now also publishes notes and transcripts of each show. So far they have produced 31 episodes, and appeared in PodNova’s top 40 podcasts.



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