ad:tech SF 2006: Same Place, Totally Different Thing?


Another year, and another cause for celebration amongst the interactive advertising community. Besides the soaring ad revenues and proliferation into new spaces including wireless and RSS, another indication that this industry’s hit its stride is by the phenomenal expansion of ad:tech.

Considered by most to be the yardstick for interactive events, ad:tech has, as we’ve all seen, resurrected itself in just a few years’ time and ventured into the global marketplace, holding events in Shangai, London with more to come. Uniting the various players in the interactive space, from search marketers to creative agencies to technology developers, ad:tech is arguably the only one-stop event for the interactive industry.

So as a precursor to this week’s ad:tech San Francisco, we at ADOTAS have again rolled out our red carpet for the event, providing diverse content that focuses on key speakers, as well as lighter fare revolving around ad:tech and San Francisco itself.

Appropriately enough, we let ad:tech Chair Susan Bratton (left) respond in kind and provide a synopsis of how far ad:tech has come:

ad:tech expositions, LLC is the leading organizer of conferences and exhibitions for the interactive marketing community worldwide. With their 2006 theme of ‘Connecting Globally: Markets in Motion’ ad:tech has certainly achieved global success, with shows in London and Shanghai entering their second year, and new shows planned for 2007 and 2008 in Sydney, Paris, Hamburg, Singapore, Mumbai, Tokyo and Dubai.

The theme echoes ad:tech’s goal to engage attendees and deepen their connections with colleagues from around the world, and ad:tech Connect and ConnectLIVE! add extra forums that support continued relationships to sustain global connections that fuel change, innovation and good business.

Nationally, ad:tech continues to grow with New York and San Francisco shows leading the way. Since 2003, each show has increased attendance by more than 2,000 attendees, with pre-registration for Moscone indicating a record-setting crowd of nearly 7,000 in the expo hall. Incredible speakers, panels and new additions like hands-on platforms for real-time exploration and a truth-or-dare type Hot Seat help participants get a deeper, truer experience at the event.

This year, ad:tech Chicago is expected to exceed past numbers with attendance reaching over 3,000. 2006 has also marked the successful completion of the first ever ad:tech 1MPACT series, a one-day regional event in 10 cities across the country. Reaching 1,000 people, 1MPACT brought industry leaders and their know-how to a broader market than ever before.”

Susan Bratton sees that numbers are on the rise, but she’s not alone. With our special ad:tech-themed day, we here at ADOTAS chat with a respected high-level executive to get their perspective on ad:tech and the interactive advertising boom that is occurring.

Read on for our insightful ADOTAS Conversations with’s Dre Madden, who’s leading the new media charge for the renowned online ticketing service and will be speaking about the resurgence of email marketing at this year’s ad:tech San Francisco.
And for your reading enjoyment, we have also included our much-loved “Guide to ad:tech San Francisco”, as well as “ad:tech Dos and Don’ts” courtesy of Vayan’s Director of Marketing and self-proclaimed “Account of Accountability”, Warren Corpus.

So, enjoy your time spent on ADOTAS, as we find out what’s new and improved, and what will make a splash at this year’s West coast ad:tech fete.


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