ad:tech Conversations: Dre Madden, Marketing Manager, Strategy & New Development,


As a top exec at leading online ticketing service, Dre Madden is helping pave the way for the next stage of interactive marketing. An interactive industry player since 1997, Dre has racked up an extensive marketing background with experience at leading e-commerce companies and high-growth start-ups. At StubHub, Dre manages the online ticket marketplace’s email marketing programs, as well as the research initiatives and manages the company’s loyalty programs.

Before joining StubHub, Dre worked at eBay in the Tickets category, eGroups (Yahoo! Groups), and An entrepreneur at heart, Dre also co-founded Date My Friend, an event-based company focused on single’s networking. For our special ad:tech-themed Conversations, we spoke with the Dre on the present state of interactive, as well as her

ADOTAS: Tell me how you got involved with Stubhub, and what you guys do.

Dre: StubHub is an online ticket marketplace where anyone can buy or sell any ticket to any event. I joined StubHub in January of 2005 and it has been great to be a part of such a high growth company, with such smart and driven individuals, and a great business model. I got involved with StubHub after finishing business school and seeking a company where I could contribute in various capacities and help drive the company’s success.

A: What’s your day-to-day role there?

D: In 2005, I was in charge of creating new channels at StubHub, while testing several marketing opportunities to determine scalability. In addition to having played a key role in our customer marketing channel, I also lead our customer satisfaction initiatives. Being a part of a very fast paced, high growth company like StubHub is extremely rewarding. I have been able to contribute to several areas within Marketing and continue to learn each day I’m here.

A: What are some of the challenges/trends you’re seeing in the online/interactive space?

D: Consumers are over-saturated with content and advertising. We have to increase the space in our inbox just to manage all the emails we receive from companies selling their products and services. The largest challenge, yet most important goal is building trust with your customers and growing a lasting relationship to create “loyalists”. There are still too many companies not taking the time to get to know their customers. Sending broadcast emails are a way of the past. In an ideal world, we should all get what we want, when we want it, and have valuable content.

A: What is your overall opinion of ad:tech and how has it affected the interactive industry?

D: I have been involved in the interactive industry since 1997. Having attended many ad:tech conferences as well as other industry events, I have always been impressed with the level of content and scale of exhibitors at ad:Tech. It’s always been a great place for education and to get a snapshot of where the industry is at large. I often walk away with action items.

A: What will you be discussing at ad:tech?

D: StubHub revamped its email marketing program last year in August. In my panel discussion at ad:Tech, I will be reviewing the changes we made, what worked and didn’t work, the best practices we incorporate and most of all…the results. By making several changes as well as adding new programs, we were able to drive significant results in lead acquisition and overall conversion.

See Dre Madden on Thursday, April 27th during the Email Marketing: A Cinderella Story panel, 10:30-11:30 am.



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