The Interactive Job Market: Who’s Hiring, What They’re Looking for and How You Can Succeed


In part two of our ongoing series of interactive advertising surveys, ADOTAS has shifted gears from the worldview of top ad networks to the internal HR strategies of the companies’ themselves.

Cued by the enormous amount of feedback received from our first survey, ADOTAS chose to dig deeper and get firsthand analysis of each company’s hiring policies and challenges, current openings, as well as criteria in bringing someone aboard. In doing so, we’ve once again passed the mic to nearly a dozen industry professionals, specifically high-level executives from a broad spectrum of companies including branding agencies like Smashing Ideas and affiliate marketing firms like PrimeQ.

This time around, the participants were more open and willing to discuss pertinent issues in this sector, including difficulties in hiring for certain positions, as well as the skill sets lacking or necessary to fill each role. The answers given might actually surprise, enlighten or even confirm your suspicions about what it takes to make the grade at some of the top agencies and marketing outfits today.

We at ADOTAS are very interested in hearing our readers’ thoughts and comments on these companies’ responses. We would also like to open the forum for suggestions on further surveys going forward and look forward to reading your thoughts.


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