Arms Local Advertisers with Google AdWords


Verizon’s has recently finalized a deal with Google that will give its advertisers access to the search giant’s massive advertising network, AdWords. The move comes in response to the yellow pages site’s inability to supply sufficient inventory and pay-per-click leads to its growing community of small and mid-size businesses.

Currently, a vast majority of search dollars come from large national brand advertisers. Search experts expect this trend to shift towards publishers like, who have access to a nationwide network of local clients. “Deals like this are critical to move the local search market forward because these businesses would not go on their own to Google or Yahoo,” Greg Sterling, managing editor at The Kelsey Group, told CNET News. “There is a lot of inertia in the small-business market, which relies on sales representatives to call them or visit.” already supplies Google with business profiles of some of its advertisers, so that search results will include more information about them and link directly to Superpages. Now, the site will handle their fully integrated Google AdWords accounts, as well as providing them exposure to search results pages on America Online and


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