Study Finds Email Marketing Targeted/Relevant


A new report by Epsilon Interactive, the company which most recently announced plans to acquire DoubleClick Email Solutions, and the GfK Group on consumer email perceptions, the found that 58% of the 584 U.S. respondents “agreed that e-mail they receive is usually targeted to their need and interests,” representing a 5% increase from over a year ago.

The study also notes that respondents found an increase of targeted and relevant emails from 57% of respondents last year to 60% this year. Additionally, the report found that only 18% of respondents use their work email addresses to receive email marketing offers with 78% avoiding that altogether.


  1. Could this study be tinged by the fact that they email their own “opt-in” lists? Perhaps if they would have surveyed the millions of people who are spammed with other junk, they would have found this not true.


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