Spitzer Receives iPod, Exonerates Company of Charges



In a major legal reversal, New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has rescinded all court actions he previously filed against Gratis Internet, operator of giveaway websites such as FreeiPods.com and FreeDVDs.com. The company, which was last week found guilty of violating privacy clauses on its website and selling the personal data of millions of its users to email marketers, has been cleared of all charges.

When asked how his company inspired this tremendous turnaround under the table, Gratis Internet Rep Dan Adoneroosky stated: “As we reviewed our user records, we noticed that Eliot Spitzer himself signed up to receive a free iPod in December of 2005, and that we had never followed through with his transaction. On a whim, I immediately packaged and shipped a brand new video iPod to Spitzer myself.” Adoneroosky would not say whether the iPod he sent to Spitzer received the preloaded U2 or Eminem treatment, although the former may be assumed.

“This was not primarily a matter of privacy breach, although that has been going on, too,” Spitzer commented in a press statement on Thursday. “What this came down to was a website operator not delivering on a product offer they had made to me as a consumer. When I—or anyone else, for that matter—click on a banner that offers a free iPod, I expect to get a free iPod.”

The New York Attorney General is currently reported to be looking in to the validity of similar offers, from sites such as FreePorsche.com and LegalProstitutes.com.


  1. I think the joke is that he drops all charges because he received his video ipod. I think that Adotas owes me $50 for the time that I just wasted reading this crap! Seriously — Who the hell came up with this?


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