Spend Life in the Fast Lane with Nationwide Campaign


Time flies, as we all know, so while we’re hurtling through the conveyor belt we call life, there’s a need to document our brief history through photo albums, home movies and the like. But Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company — the ones behind the clever Fabio Super Bowl ad — have found a much more unique and public forum to remember the good times or create new ones.

On March 6th, the company unveiled a large-scale online promotion called “Life Comes at You Fast”, using of all things, the Reuters board in Times Square as its springboard. The campaign in essence ties the online world to the outdoor one, whereby any participant can log on to the landing page, and submit up to three photos and a headline describing their Life Comes At You Fast moment — i.e. proposing to a loved one, sharing a memory, etc.

Those fortunate folks who pass through the Nationwide filter and make the grade with their entries will receive an e-mail with a link that takes them to a newly created personal page on the site, informing them of the date and time their moment will be displayed on the large-scale billboard. Participants can also choose to download a clock to their desktop that will countdown the time until their message is posted on the board, enter their phone number to receive a phone call reminder up to an hour before their moment posts, and forward their post time to friends and family via e-mail. When it’s show time for the specific message, it can be viewed live via webcam or shared later with friends through e-mail.

“We wanted to support our ‘Life Comes at You Fast’ advertising campaign with something interactive and different,” Nationwide Director of Advertising Jeff Myer explains to ADOTAS. “The campaign is based on two recent trends in advertising – the ability to opt-in to marketing messages and the ability of anyone to create content for public consumption. People choose to participate and choose the share it with their friends — and they create their own ‘Life Comes at You Fast’ ad on one of the biggest stages on earth.”

Call it ‘With Love from Times Square” or just a highly ambitious take on user-generated content, but whatever the case may be, Nationwide puts the power of broadcasting in your hands. Not only can you share your life with a massive audience Monday through Friday, but your entry would be on display during the 4:30-5:30 pm hour—perhaps the busiest time of day in the busiest place in New York City.

The Flash 8-heavy site and campaign, which was the result of a joint effort between Nationwide and Dallas agency TM Interactive, will stay live for at least 5 months according to Myer, who explains the literal connotations of “Life Comes at You Fast”. “Life is full of changes – both expected and unexpected,” he says. “Some are funny, some sad, some good, some bad. We all have to retire one day. You never know when you will have an accident, change jobs, meet the love of your life, have children, etc. Nationwide is a company that helps people prepare for life to come at them fast with products like home, auto and life insurance and financial services that will help you prepare for the future.”

We knew there was a tie-in somewhere. But while Myer says it’s up to the customer to delve further into Nationwide business or simply revel in their Times Square moment of fame, Life Comes at You Fast is one of the more intriguing, interactive and integrated campaigns in recent memory.

Besides, it sure beats your initial plans of proposing at the Olive Garden.

Want to share your so-called life with the world? Visit www.lifecomesatyoufast.com


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