Report: Clicks Twice as Likely with Contextual Ads


According to a report by marketing research company Synovate for Vendare Media’s ad network Traffic Marketplace, consumers are more than twice as likely to click on an ad if it’s contextual. Three out of five participants responded to contextual ads as opposed to ads targeted by demographic, geography, or behavior. When asked what sort of ad they were likely to respond to, 62% cited ads that were “a subject of particular interest to you.”

Just 28% said they would respond to demographically targeted ads, 24% said they would respond to geographic ads, and only 18% said they would respond to ads based on their web activity (behavioral). While findings for non-contextual ad targeting methods were low, the study also notes that 1/3 of respondents said they either weren’t sure about what they would respond to, or had no opinion on the subject.

Although contextual ads came off as the most preferred, the study also found that opinions varied from demographic to demographic. Those from higher income households ($75k or more) were more likely to respond to non-contextual ads than those from lower income households.

“Targeting isn’t an either-or decision, so it’s best to mix and match targeting tactics — especially when it comes to educated, prosperous consumers who simply won’t respond to messages that aren’t personally relevant,” said Traffic Marketplace VP of sales Lynn D’Alessandro in a statement. She adds, “If your messaging says ‘we know what’s on your mind,’ plus ‘we are you,’ ‘we are where you live,’ and ‘we are ready to handle your online needs’, you have four good shots at reaching your best customers.”


  1. What a silly study. They asked people, not actually studied. Of course more people would say they would rather click on an ad for something they are interested in!

  2. What is the title of the study?
    Spot the obvious. – Great piece of research.-

    Most users wouldn’t even know what targeting criteria is applied, when ads attract their attention, in most cases it’s a mix anyway.
    It makes absolutely no sense asking the users to what they are going to respond.
    Forget that study.

  3. I think its mix ads based on demographic, geography, or behavior which attracts users attention.As said by the Arne most of the users even don’t know what the contextual ad is all about.

  4. The main point here is what kind of Ads consumer will click.Whether its Contextual Ads or Ads based on nature of browsing a consumer do.For the most efficent results I would propose Ads which are from Contextual Ad catetory and also from Browsing nature of consumer.This will surely attract the consumer towards these ads beacuse a consumer will be either on the Webpage with interest to Context on it or just surfing on net.So in either of the cases he will get those Ads which are useful to him


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